The Film “Black Friday” Focuses on Economic Empowerment for African Americans & Boycotts

by Michael Imhoptep,

November, 4th, 2015, 9:25pm EST, Updated December 16th, 2015, 11:26am EST

The documentary, “Black Friday”, takes an in depth look into the spending habits of African-Americans in America. The film chronicles the financial mis-education of many African-Americans and explores the economic pitfalls that continue to derail the progress of the community-at-large. In an effort to heighten the economic awareness and financial responsibility in the community, the film, Black Friday, presents solutions on how to better manage the approximately $1.2 Trillion dollars that leaves African-American communities annually. In addition, the film champions the importance of leaving a financial and ethical legacy for the next generation. Featured in the documentary are Rapper/Activist David Banner, Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network and host of “The Michael Imhotep Show”, Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Umar Johnson, Prof. Kaba Kamene, Tony Browder, Hill Harper, Johnnie Gill, Judge Glenda, Hatchett, Cynthia Bailey, Dr. George, C. Fraser, Dave Anderson founder of The Empowerment Radio Network, talk show host Atty. Warren Ballentine and more.

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In addition to having an economic foundation African Americans have to reclaim African History and Culture.  Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Professor James Small teach us that it’s your History and Culture that give you your V.I.P.s (Values, Interests and Principles).  This is your foundation that influences the way you think, feel, act and behave.  What you read, see and hear influences the way you think, feel, act and behave.

The Pyramid Principle - Dr. Leonard Jeffries - Michael Imhotep

The Pyramid Principle that Dr. Jeffries and Prof. Small teach us about (I use it in a lot of my presentations) show us that your History and Culture influence your Economic Empowerment and Political Empowerment.  Your Economic Empowerment deals with controlling and owning the businesses and land in community and circulating your dollars among your own people 8-12 times.  When we study Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the dollar turned over 36-100 times.

Michael Imhotep “Black Wall Street: From Destruction To The Resurrection of Economic Empowerment for African Americans

Why is every ethnic group in America the #1 employer of their own people except African Americans? Why aren’t most of our African American Leaders addressing this issue? We have to quickly become the #1 employer of our own people just like every other ethnic group in America. If something is wrong with that then when the other groups stop practicing Group Economics, so will African Americans.  If you we look at Asians for instance we will see that according to Dr. Claud Anderson, 1 out 10 Asians are business owners compared to 1 out of 104 African Americans are Business Owners.  Asians also have the highest Median Household Income at $66,000 per year. “Census Bureau The Number of Asian Owned Businesses Increased at More Than Twice The National Rate” –,  “The Rise of Asian Americans” – Pew Research Center

Dr. Claud Anderson Interview – “The Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866” –       The Michael Imhotep Show

The African American spending power is approximately $1.2 Trillion per year but 96%-98% of our dollars are spent with Non-African American Owned Businesses. We own over 2.5 million businesses that employ about 1.4 million people. If we go from spending 2% of our dollars to 10% of our dollars with our own businesses we could create 1-2 million new jobs in 1-2 years. Between 20,000-50,000 jobs are created or sustained for every $1 Billion spent.  Approximately 64% of the employees of African American owned businesses are African American. These are also the businesses that are most likely to employ African Americans coming back home from prison.

When Jews, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, etc. spend their dollars with their own people many African Americans admire them and don’t criticize them. When African Americans want to do the same thing some of our people are so brainwashed that they want to call it “segregation” but they would never call it “segregation” when other ethnic groups do it. I find it very odd that these same people don’t accuse other ethnic groups of segregation when they are the #1 employers of their own people but when African Americans say that we need to do the same thing we find that many of the biggest objectors, come from our own people.

Minister Farrakhan interviewed by Roland Martin on NewsOne Now – 9-10-15

The Film “Black Friday” also talks about Economic Boycotts of Christmas and Black Friday

Leading up to the “Justice Or Else” 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March on 10-10-15, Minister Louis Farrakhan called for an Economic Boycott of the Black Friday shopping festivities (the day after Thanksgiving which is usually the biggest shopping day of the year) and Christmas.  When he spoke with Roland Martin on News One Now on TV ONE he referenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking out about the 1968 sanitation worker strike in Memphis, Tenn.

“We have to find a way to redistribute the pain,” Farrakhan said, citing King.

“He talked about going to businesses that benefited from Black dollars and he said, ‘We have to now withdraw our economic support, so that those who give us pain can receive some pain in return,’” he continued.

National Black Out 2015 - Boycott

Watoto from The Nile, “The Black Wall Street Song” feat. Dr. Boyce Watkins

Support these young Sistas and Conscious Hip-Hop

Historical Examples of African Americans Using Economic Boycotts

African Americans have a long history of Economic Boycotts or as Dr. Claud Anderson, author of “Black Labor, White Wealth” and “PowerNomics” calls it, “Economic Sanctions”.  The most famous one is the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama which lasted for 381 days.  Even though this Boycott was needed it did NOT end Segregation on the Buses in Montgomery, Alabama.  It was actually the lawsuit of Browder vs. Gayle filed, Feb. 1st, 1956 that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court that ended Segregation on the buses in Montgomery.

381 Days Montgomery Bus Boycott Tagged

Martin, Marcus and Malcolm talking about Economic Empowerment

Another excellent historical example of how we used Economic Sanctions was the 1961 Easter Boycott of the Downtown Business District in Nashville, TN.  In the 3rd installment of “Eyes On The Prize” called “Ain’t Sacred of Your Jails 1960-1961” they vividly talk about these Economic Sanctions that spread to about 69 cities across the country.

Start watching the video at 13:48

In cities where we are seeing major problems with Police Misconduct/Brutality we should have MAJOR ECONOMIC BOYCOTTS of the Downtown Business Districts and of the Sports Teams in the city until the mistreatment at the hands of the Police STOPS.  Study what happened in Nashville, TN in 1961 during the Lunch Counter Sit Ins.

Ask yourself this question, why aren’t the Civil Rights Superstars that have you out marching and protesting for “Jobs and Justice” talking about Economic Boycotts? A portion of the dollars in these Boycotts should be redirected towards African American Owned Businesses.

The State of Indiana, The “Religious Freedom” Law and Economic Boycotts

A very recent example of Economic Boycotts took place earlier this year. Study what happened in Indiana in March 2015 behind the “Indiana Religious Freedom Law” if you don’t this will work.  Corporations like Apple, Angie’s List and and the State of Connecticut were all either very concerned, threatened Economic Boycotts or engaged in Boycotts of the State of Indiana.  Gen Con which is said to be the largest gaming convention in the U.S. threatened to take their event out of the State of Indiana if Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed the law.  “The Companies That Are Actually Boycotting Indiana, Not Just Talking About It” –,  “Apple CEO Slams Indiana Religious Freedom Law Seen As Anti-Gay” –

Because of the Economic pressure, Indiana changed the law in a little over a week.  Where are these same Corporations when unarmed African Americans are being shot dead in the street by Police Officers?

Resources To Help Find African American Owned Businesses Online African American Owned Business Directory

“The Best Black Business Directory App To Ever Hit The Market”,, December 10th, 2015

Black Friday Screening - Baltimore - 1-10-15

Don’t miss a Screening of “Black Friday” in your city

The film “Black Friday” is coming to a city near you. Don’t miss the Baltimore Screening with special guest Michael Imhotep, Sunday, Jan. 10th, 2016, 1:00pm-4:00pm at The Great Blacks and Wax Museum, 1601 East North Ave., Baltimore, MD.  Admission $20, includes a tour of the museum.  Visit for more information or   For screenings in other cities visit for more information.

Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior!!!

Michael Imhotep is a talk show host, researcher, writer and lecturer and founder of The African History Network. He is the host of The Michael Imhotep Show on The Empowerment Radio Network and can be heard Monday-Friday, 10pm-12midnight EST on or the TuneIn Radio App and search for “Empowerment Radio Network”. Visit his website for more information about his lectures, DVDs and for podcasts of the show. Pre-Order The Film Black Friday here

You can follow him on Twitter @MichaelImhotep and his Facebook FanPage, “The African History Network”. He is available for interviews and lectures. He is a strong advocate of African Americans reclaiming their history, culture and controlling the economics, education and politics in our community. He is featured in the upcoming documentary, “Black Friday” which deals with African Americans controlling our $1.2 Trillion economy and creating intergenerational wealth. Visit for more information.

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