(VIDEO) Tamron Hall was not fired from NBC/MSNBC SHE QUIT; NABJ calls it a “Whitewashing”

by Michael Imhotep, TheMichaelImhotepShow.com

Tues. Feb. 7th, 2017, 1:10am EST

Michael Imhotep host of The Michael Imhotep Show and founder of The African History Network discussed Tamron Hall leaving The Today Show and her show on MSNBC surrounding the announcement of Megyn Kelly of FOX News moving to NBC to possibly replace Tamron Hall and Al Roker during the last hour of the Today Show.  Many people think NBC/MSNBC are also trying to realign themselves to bring over more Right Wing viewers in the era of Donald Trump.  In January 2017 we saw Greta Van Susteren leave her show on FOX News and take the 6pm EST timeslot on MSNBC weekdays with “For The Record with Greta”.

As Huffington Post Black Voices reported, “She’d surprised her colleagues by rejecting a multimillion-dollar deal amid the hour’s healthy ratings; according to rumor, she’d found being replaced by Kelly offensive and hurtful.”

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) in a statement last week said they were “saddened” by Hall’s departure and said Kelly’s move to the 9 a.m. hour is “being seen by industry professionals as whitewashing.

In this segment from “The Michael Imhotep Show” host Michael Imhotep also discusses 10 of Megyn Kelly’s most racist moments from Fox News.



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